Ensuring trusted digital journeys

Rise and rapid evolution of Internet services has led companies to deliver speedier transactions, smoother experiences, responding to customers need for mobility, usability, convenience.

Onboarding new customers easily, faster and safer has become crucial in order to grant WOW relationship customer journey. As electronic services grow in magnitude, organizations question themselves:

  • “How can I be sure of identity of a counterpart during an electronic transaction?”
  • “How can I perform digital transactions with full legal compliance?”

eIDAS qualified trust services have paved the way for fast moving towards digital services that sustain the cross-border digital market in a trusted, innovative and secured environment.


TrustPro simplifies the process of identifying and delivering the qualified certificate with innovative remote and enterprise identification processes.

Third-party applications, such as DocuSign, can integrate smart onboarding services.
Starting from TrustPro, DocuSign accounts or Enterprise request the Smart Onboarding can be activated for single user or multiple users.

TrustPro provide online, easy to use, customizable onboarding process for single users or enterprises, directly or through partners acting as Local Registration Authorities.

A natural person can be identified remotely, on the fly, with a simple, quick, eIDAS authorized and efficient process. (

Smart onboarding benefits:

  • fastest way to get a QES worldwide
  • low cost and scalable video identification process
  • identification, enrollment and signature with customer look and feel
  • easier QES adoption, facilitate envelopes sales (DocuSign) when customer asks for QES