Purchase digital signature

Once the onboarding process (online identification) is complete and your digital signature has been activated,  it is possible to purchase one of the two qualified electronic signature solutions:

  1. BASIC: Occasional signature usage -> 5 signatures for 30 days
  2. STANDARD: Normal signature usage -> 100 signatures for 1 year
  3. PROFESSIONAL: Professional signature usage -> unlimited signatures for 1 year

Note: the FREE trial includes 1 free signature to be used in 10 days from the activation.

The three purchase options are present in the TrustPro e-shop accessible after activation of the FREE option from the personal page using your login credentials https://sa.trustpro.eu/tpsa/#!

Once in your own personal page click on Purchase

and select one of the three options, BASIC, STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL

If you also want to purchase Timestamps, the purchase of one of the two available solutions, Bundle-100 or Bundle-500,  will be possible only after completing the purchase of one of the three digital signature BASIC, STANDARD, or PROFESSIONAL solutions.

For information and how-to, see the How to – FAQ section https://www.trustpro.eu/how-to/
For assistance requests, please contact Support at https://www.trustpro.eu/support/