Avoid waiting, skip the line. Get a Qualified Electronic Seal valid in all EU today

With two simple steps get today your qualified e-Seal EU compliant.

Identify yourself

With the link received via email after the purchase, proceed with the smartOnboarding.

smartOnboarding is a process that involves the identification of the natural person and the organization for which the electronic seal will be issued.

The Qualified Electronic Seal can only be requested by one of these profiles.

  • delegated person by the company for electronic seal request
  • a delegated person from the legal representative of the company
  • legal representative of the company

Do not proceed if you are not one of these profiles and you do not have the documents that prove it.

Once the request has been authorized, the applicant will receive an email to complete the activation.

Requests are accepted any time and are processed in business hours:

  • Monday-Friday: 9:30am – 6:30pm GMT
  • Saturday and Sunday: closed


1, 2, 3 e-Sealed

1. Upload document

2. e-Seal document

3. Download e-Sealed document

signatureFolder allows you to sign and seal your documents in a simple and intuitive way on the WEB and on Mobile.

Do I need to buy e-Seal from my National Qualified Trust Service Provider?

Buying locally? No need, with EU eIDAS Regulation interoperability

Article 35

Legal effects of electronic seals

1.   An electronic seal shall not be denied legal effect and admissibility as evidence in legal proceedings solely on the grounds that it is in an electronic form or that it does not meet the requirements for qualified electronic seals.

2.   A qualified electronic seal shall enjoy the presumption of integrity of the data and of correctness of the origin of that data to which the qualified electronic seal is linked.

3.   A qualified electronic seal based on a qualified certificate issued in one Member State shall be recognised as a qualified electronic seal in all other Member States.

Do I need a smart card or else to start using TrustPro Qualified e-Seal?


Our eSeal is provided as a cloud service (multiSign cloud). Use a browser, load your document and seal it. It’s easy.

The TrustPro QTSP Qualified e-Seal is remote, uses a two-factor authentication system, which does not require a smart card to sign electronic documents.

It is in fact sufficient to use a computer or other device connected to the internet such as a smartphone or tablet, an OTP (One Time Password) generated through the app oathMobile for smartphone / tablet and signatureFolder, the online signature webdesk.

OTPs, as dynamic passwords generated and destroyed within OTP devices, are considered the safest system for accessing IT systems.